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Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.​ 

Live Video Tutoring (LSAT, GRE & GMAT Quantitative Reasoning only): available worldwide

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                      TestExpert, a test prep company preparing undergrads for GRE, GMAT and LSAT has two main distinctions: 1. Affordability 2. Giving its students an easy prep

 TestExpert's sole aim is to provide solid preparation to future graduate and law students. What really separates TestExpert from other prep companies is that TestExpert does not make its students flooded with an unnecessary amount of prep material or extra-ordinary number of questions. Based on years of experience and observation, TestExpert has come to determine the two obstacles to students performance on standardized tests which are often overlooked: stress due to intense study material and test-day anxiety. Just as it is important to smartly tackle these two issues it is equally or more important to eliminate the potential causes of these two problems. Therefore, at TestExpert, the commitment is to provide students with a prep that makes everyone comfortable and which must be as little stressful as possible.

Realistically speaking, most students even at college level are not nerds by nature. The ultimate goal is to get a job after school, not to enjoy reading and writing. This is one reason why many standardized test takers who are taking prep courses through prep companies become overly stressed when flooded with hundreds of questions during their prep. The problem is that these test prep companies are treating every student registering for their courses as a 90th percentile test scorer, in other words treating every student as brilliant and flooding them with extra-ordinary prep material. The students are normally required to finish up all this material in just few weeks. Though some students do see an improvement in their score after taking the actual tests, there are a significant number of students who complain that their score either did not improve or improved just a little. For some students, these prep courses turn out to be counter-productive as their scores go down. One of the primary causes here is the stressful preparation these students have to go through in just few days coupled with the fear of performing poor on actual test.

At TestExeprt, our goal is to keep things simple and that is: to provide teaching services at an affordable price and giving our students an easy prep. Remember that standardized tests don’t just require knowledge in the subject area but they also require some specific mental skills. These tests are intentionally made timed which is the biggest anxiety factor. However, best performance can be achieved on these tests with least amount of stress. Our live-in courses and one-on-one tutoring is currently available in Dallas. Our live video tutoring courses are available nationwide. Our graduate and law school admission consultation is also available nationwide. You can view our prep books by clicking on “online courses/books” on main page.

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