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Q: How should I register for a course or tutoring service or admission consultation?

A: In order to register, you must go to our "Form" section under useful links at the bottom right of the front page and print out the "terms of agreement" form. To attend classes, it is mandatory that you sign and date this form, when complete, take a snapshot and send it as an e-mail attachment to info@testexpert.us

Q: How am I supposed to pay?

A: Credit/Deibt card via Paypal is the way to pay. Normally, we do not accept cash or checks but in some circumstances, cash payment can be accepted at our discretion. 

Q: In what cities, TestExpert is offering its courses? 

A: TestExpert is currently offering its live in-class courses and private tutoring in Dallas, TX. The live video tutoring is available for students residing in US and Canada. The online courses, once uploaded, will be available worldwide. You can periodically visit our online courses/books section to see what is available. We will keep updating this information as our live courses and private tutoring services become available in other cities of Texas or other states.  

Q: What tutoring services is TestExpert currently offering?

A: At this time, following services are available through TestExpert:

    GRE Full-Length Course: (Weekend only)

    GRE Verbal Reasoning Course: (Weekend only)

    GRE Quant Reasoning Course: (Weekend only)

    GMAT Full-Length Course: (Weekend only)

    GMAT Verbal Reasoning Course: (Weekend only)

    GMAT Quant Reasoning Course: (Weekend only)

    LSAT Logical Reasoning Course: (Weekend only)

    LSAT Logic Games Course: (Weekend only)

    Private Tutoring: A variety of packages according to your individual needs

    Admission Consultation: Grad School, Law School, Business School

Q: What is the Grad/Law/Business school admission consultation?

A: If you need advise on your admission process for Grad school, Law school or Business school you can consider buying our consultation services. You will be assigned an expert who can advise you on important admission factors such GRE or LSAT scores, letters of recommendation and/or personal statement. You will be advised as to what grad schools may be good for you depending on your undergrad GPA and GRE score. With your one-time fee, you can consult and ask questions up until the time your start to receive your admission decisions from schools to which you have applied.

Q: What is the time length for a course?

A: We intend to devote 4 weeks of instruction to our live in-class courses. Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday, preferably in afternoons and evenings. Check our website for the schedule of live in-class courses which will be regularly updated.